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We put the power of day-to-day financial transactions in your hand with over 37 currencies across the borders.

To move money across borders with smarter payment methods

To receive and hold balances in 37 currencies

To eliminate costly foreign currency accounts

To truly gain control of your cashflow!

To decide the actual currency or currencies you need and ‘when’ to make the conversion

With applá Payment Institution you can enjoy multiple benefits.

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Open your multi-currency account for free today.

Cost Savings

Savings in all aspects of your International Payments compared to leading banks.

Improved Purchasing Power

Improve your purchasing power by paying your supplier in their local currency.

Simpler Reporting and Accounting

Enjoy simpler reporting and accounting for all your international transactions in one single dashboard

Client Benefits:

Sending money internationally should be convenient, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

That's why we've developed cutting-edge technology that empowers you to transfer and exchange funds with ease, all while saving you money. With applá you can say goodbye to excessive fees and hidden charges, as well as experience the future of global money transfers.

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Your FX product range

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1 EUR = 1.08732 USD “We use the mid-market rate for our Converter. This is for informational purposes only. Mid-Market is the midpoint between the buying and selling prices of two currencies in the foreign exchange market. also called the “inter-bank rate” or the “spot rate”. This will not be your rate when sending money. The Mid-Market rate is used by us in the construct of your actual rate.”

Spot Transactions

Use this when you need to exchange currency instantly. You’ll receive the best available exchange rate at the time of purchase, and this trade is for same-day settlement.

Forward Contracts

These enable us to fix your exchange rate, up to 12 months. In an ever-competitive global marketplace, it’s imperative to forecast your cost accurately.

FX Options

Protection against adverse exchange rate movements, retain the flexibility to benefit from future favourable movements or let the option lapse. Ask us about a more structured option.

Market Orders

If you’re looking to trade between currencies when they reach special rates, just let us know. We monitor the markets real-time and take action whenever you reach your desired level.

Experts to assist you!

Utilise our experienced customer service team. Real People - no AI. Helpdesk number and also online support

Convenient. Cost-effective. Hassle-free.

With our innovative features, we prioritize saving you both money and time, freeing you up to focus on the things that truly matter to you.